Kuwait Boubyan Island Seaport, Phase 1, Stage 1 Road, Bridge & Soil Treatment





Project Background

Boubyan Island Seaport Project involves design and construction of a 33km dual 3-lane carriageway highway linking the proposed Boubyan Seaport on the east coast of Boubyan Island with the Subiyan-Iraq Road on Kuwait mainland, and construction of a twin line railway and run approximately parallel to the north of the highway. Both the highway and the railway are elevated at Khor Subiya Channel crossing (approximately 1500m wide at the crossing point). The length of the road bridge and rail bridge is about 1.5 km and 9 km respectively.

Project Client:Public Works Department, Kuwait
Contractor:CHEC-GDC-SAC JV
Period:Aug 2007 - Jul 2009
Construction Cost:USD 380M

Services provided by YWL

YWL Engineering provided the detailed design of the bridge permanent works for the Boubyan Seaport project which consisted of 1.5 km of road bridges and 9 km of rail bridges. The bridge forms were prestressed T-beams supported on reinforced substructure and bored piles.